32C Tits

32C tits are at the smallest siblings found amongst the big boobs family, but that doesn't mean we cherish them any less than we do their bigger-cupped sisters. That's because at this special size, they're still round and firm and give a sexy woman's chest a lovely amount of curvature without making her seem top-heavy at all or look like she's got a pair of fake breasts. Big tits like these are just a bit too much for you to get a handful of and give a woman a healthy bit of cleavage without making her look cheap. Feast your eyes on these perfect pairs of female chest flesh as the beautifully fill up their bras and start peaking out of the tops of button-down sweaters. These delicate boobs are the starting point for the world of large breasts, putting emphasis on the "puppy" aspect of the expression "sweater puppies."

32c tits 32c tits 32c 32 C tits

If you're into small babes with large bras, visit 34DD Tits. 32D Boobs is a great size for those into small babes with decent bust. 32D Tits is the same option but with a more explicit name.